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Brilliant stilt walking acts for your event. Amazing costumes and performers. Wide range of themes including Christmas, nations, sports, Victorian, Medieval, fictional characters, celebrations, music, circus, Venetian, pirates and more

We create and perform all our own acts. All costumes are of the highest quality and the performers we use are trained and insured

If you have a special event or promotion we can create bespoke acts for you. Please contact us for more details

Ringmaster Stilt Walker


Ringmaster, 'Clowns', Juggling Stilt Walkers

Circus themed stilt walkers are great fun and one of our most popular acts. Our ringmaster is the best costumed act available with unique giant boots

Christmas Tree Stilt Walker


Fairies, Ice Queens, Xmas Trees, Reindeer +

We have one of the largest selection of Xmas and Winter Wonderland themed stilt walking acts in the country. Amazing LED lit stilt walkers. Brilliant interactive characters. Perfect for that seasonal celebration

Footballer Stilt Walker


Footballers, Rugby and Tennis Players

Brilliant sports themed stilt walkers to add that larger than life entertainment for your event. Footballers, Rugby players, Tennis players, Racing cyclist. Bespoke team strips available

Phoenix Carnival Stilt Walker


Peacock, Phoenix, Butterflies +

Wonderful carnival themed stilt walkers to add an amazing larger than life entertainment spectacle at your event

Union Jack Stilt Walkers


British, Brazilian, Italian, French +

A brilliant array of nation and country themed stilt walking acts. From Union Jack to Venetian Masked Ball; from Frenchman Cyclist to Brazilian Carnival. Amazing acts for your themed event

Sunflower Stilt Walker


Flowers, Animals, Trees

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Medieval Knight & Princess Stilt Walkers


Knights, Princesses, Monks & Wizards

Our amazing Medieval  themed stilt walking acts are great for lots of events. We have knights, princesses, wizards and witches and even a unique knight riding a dragon!

Sherlock Holmes Stilt Walker


Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Ice Queen +

Brilliant fictional characters but larger than life! Our stilt walking acts include Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Alice in Wonderland characters and more

Halloween Themed Stilt Walkers


Witch, Wizard, Devil, Vampire

Spooky larger than life acts to create that Halloween atmosphere for your event

Medieval Themed Stilt Walkers


Knights, Princesses and Dragons

Brilliant medieval themed stilt walking acts including Knights, Princesses and event St George riding a Dragon!

Easter Themed Stilt Walkers



Brilliant bouncy bunnies! Our Easter bunny stilt walker performs on bouncy stilts and character to this seasonal act. Option to give away handouts (supplied by you)

Spring Themed Stilt Walkers


Colourful and Fun Stilt Walkers

Amazing acts suitable for Spring events including Daffodils, colourful costumed acts and many others

Summer Themed Stilt Walkers


Beautiful Summer Stilt Walkers

Beautiful and colourful larger than life stilt walking acts. Our range of summer acts include flowers, carnival acts, butterflies, circus and other colourful stilt walkers

Winter Themed Stilt Walkers


Winter Wonderland Stilt Walkers

Brilliant stilt walking acts suitable for all winter events. Many of our acts are specifically suitable for Winter Wonderland events. Ice & Snow Queens, Jack Frost, Snow Kings & Queens

Celebration Themed Stilt Walkers


Celebration Event Stilt Walkers

Amazing stilt walking acts for celebration events. Stilt walkers for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and award events. Private, corporate and organisation events

Stilt Walkers on Stilt Bicycles


Amazing & Unique Acts

Our amazing stilt bicycle acts are great entertainment for parades and roving entertainment. Larger than life these acts will add striking visual entertainment and interactive fun for your event