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Brilliant roller skating acts for your event. Amazing costumes and performers. Wide range of themes including Christmas, food, summer, nature and others

We create and perform all our own acts. All costumes are of the highest quality and the performers we use are trained and insured

If you have a special event or promotion we can create bespoke acts for you. Please contact us for more details

Christmas Pudding Roller Skating Act


Brilliant Seasonal Roller Skating Acts

Amazing Christmas themed roller skating acts to add quirky fun to your seasonal event. Roller skating Christmas puddings, elves, baubles, reindeer and more

Peach Roller Skating Act


Amazing Nature Roller Skating Acts

Unique nature themed roller skating acts including roller skating peach and tomato and also flowers

Footballer Stilt Walker


Amazing Winter Roller Skaing acts

Wonderlfu Winter Wonderland themed roller skating acts to help create that magical theme for your event. Including fairies, snowmen, Xmas trees and more

Giant Footballs Roller Skating Act


Amazing Sports Roller Skating Acts

Brilliant sports themed roller skating acts including our unique giant footballs! Any team strip can be created!

Union Jill Roller Skating Act


Nation Themed Roller Skating Acts

Amazing nation and country themed roller skating acts including our comic Union Jill

Birthday Cake Roller Skating Act


Birthday, Wedding and Anniversary Acts

Wonderful acts for celebration events including roller skating birthday cake, wedding cake or anniversay cake. Quirky entertainment for your celebration event!

Colourful Alien Roller Skating Act


Quirky Act for your events

Our quirky and colourful 'alien' is a unique roller skating act that will make everyone smile at your event. Available in pink/blue and other colours on request

Winged Belles Roller Skating Act


Colourful Roller Skating Acts

Our roller belles are colourful roller skaters that will be noticed at any event. With gold wings they will dance and skate to entertain everyone