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Brilliant historically themed acts for your event. Amazing costumes and artists performing stilt walking, juggling, living statues and roving acts

We create and perform all our own acts. All costumes are of the highest quality and the performers we use are trained and insured

If you have a special event or promotion we can create bespoke acts for you. Please contact us for more details



Stilt walkers, jugglers, penny farthing and roving acts
St George Knight and Medieval Princess Stilt Walkers


Stilt Walker, Human Statue, Roving Act

A brilliant stilt walking, roving or human statue act. Complete with drum option and unique stilt boots. Great paired with our rag doll act for a wonderful character duo act

Sherlock Holmes Stilt Walker


Stilt Walker, Roving Act, Penny Farthing

A larger than life version of the world famous detective - Sherlock Holmes. Also available as a ground based roving act with a penny farthing option

Victorian Lady Stilt Walker


Stilt Walker, Roving Act

The height of style our Victorian lady stilt walker is in a gorgeous shot silk dress. An amazing interactive character act. This version is especially suitable for seasonal Christmas Victorian or Dickensian event

Victorian Gentleman Stilt Walker


Stilt Walker, Roving Act

The height of style our Victorian gentleman stilt walker is in stylish red costume. An amazing interactive character act. This version is especially suitable for seasonal Christmas Victorian or Dickensian event

Victorian Juggler


Victorian Juggler also Stilt Walker & Penny Farthing

Our amazing Victorian juggler performing in high quality costume. The act can perform roving, ambient or show performances

Victorian Juggler


Victorian Sideshow Juggler also Roving

Our amazing Victorian sideshow juggler performing in high quality costume. The act can perform roving, ambient or show performances

Victorian Lady & Gent Stilt Walkers


Victorian Stilt Walkers

The height of style and sophistication. Our Victorian stilt walkers. An amazing interactive character act.

Circus Ringmaster Stilt Walker


Victorian Style Stilt Walker also Roving

The heyday of the circus was in Victorian times and our amazing ringmaster act is the very best. The costume with unique stilt boots will create amazing ambience at your circus themed event

Victorian Shoeshine Jugglers


Victorian Folk Jugglers

Our amazing unique Victorian folk  jugglers. The act can perform roving, ambient or show performances

Edwardian Themed Juggler


Edwardian Juggler & Roving Act

Our amazing Edwardian gentleman juggler. The act can perform roving, ambient or show performances

Victorian Policeman on Stilt Bicycle


Victorian Policeman on Stilt Bicycle

A striking roving act that will amaze everyone. A policeman riding a stilt bicycle. Brilliant character entertainment for parades, festivals and Victorian themed events

Rag Doll Stilt Walker


Victorian Toy Rag Doll Stilt Walker, Roving & Statue

Our amazing rag doll act will delight everyone with their interactive performances. Paired with our toy soldier our rag doll is a brilliant character duo


Stilt walkers, jesters, jugglers and workshops
Jester Juggler


Juggler, Roving Act, Stilt Walker, Workshops

A brilliant jester act that can entertain with juggling, comic interaction and stilt walking. Great for all medieval events

St George and Dragon Stilt Walker


Stilt Walker

A unique act. Our St. George knight and Dragon stilt walking act is a favourite for St George's Day events and medieval fairs. Interactive and engaging the performance will delight children of all ages!

Medieval Knight & Princess Stilt Walkers


Stilt Walkers

Our top quality medieval knight and princess stilt walkers are the very best. Suitable for a wide range of medieval themed events these larger than life characters will enchant everyone

Medieval Monk Stilt Walker


Stilt Walker

Our unique medieval monk stilt walker will add something special to your medieval themed event. Interactive and fun the monk will add his blessing to your event

Other Historical Acts

Stilt walkers, jugglers, and human statues
Duke and Duchess Venetian Stilt Walkers


Masquerade Duke & Duchess Stilt Walkers

Our Venetian masquerade Duke and Duchess will amaze your guests. The beautiful costumes with stunning detail means that everyone will want to have their photo with them.

Beefeater Stilt Walkers


Tudor Beefeater Stilt Walkers also Roving act

A Tudor themed unique stilt walking act. Our Beefeaters will stand guard for meet & greet or engage with guests in their roving performances. A truely original act

1950s - 1960s Ladies Than Lunch Stilt Walkers

1950s / 1960s

Shopafrolic Stilt Walkers

Bright and colourful our ladies that lunch stilt walkers are wonderfully visual and interactive as they roam around your event. Yellow, orange, pink and green options available

Roman Themed Juggler


Roman Centurion Juggler, Roving & Statue

A unique juggling act. Our roman centurion juggler or human statue will entertain with their interactive performance. Great for themed events and promotions

Accordion FAQ

Act prices vary depending on the act, the location of the event, the date & times you want the acts and the number of acts you book. Please contact us for more information or a quote.

All our acts are high quality with costumes created by our costume makers and the act performed by professional artists who are trained, insured and can provide risk assessments

Our range of acts includes stilt walkers, roving acts, roller skaters, jugglers, balloon modellers, human statues and circus workshops. You can book other acts such as fire performers, acrobats, magicians, caricaturists and many other types of act via our sister company Circus Malabaristas

To enquire or book an act please call us or email or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are happy to discuss your requirements and advice what act or acts may be suitable entertainment for your event. The booking process is straightforward. You will need to complete a booking form and pay a deposit to secure an act.

We certainly can! Our costume makers have made a number of bespoke costumes for a wide vareity of events. Just contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise further.